13 Responses to “About Us”

  1. You make so damn much sense here my friend, I don’t know where to start. There are so many Americans of so many different creeds and colors have such chips on their much so, that I don’t see how they’re not Quasimodo’d down by the weight.

    I wish all people thought as you did…. Unencumbered by history though you readily acknowledge it’s less than stellar… existence.

    We can’t forget..we shouldn’t but that doesn’t mean we always have to remember. The playing field is far from perfect but it’s far more level and even than it’s ever been.

    Forward progression. If we keep looking back at our past,we’re going to crash into our future.

    I so appreciate your generous logic.

    Mozolotov to you!


  2. thenewg Says:

    Thank you, Dear Laurie! Thank you jambomb!

  3. Bernice Bailey Says:

    now what? our second go around. but this time stay free because the blood of Jesus demands it. who else stepped up for you.

  4. crcavazos Says:

    In Mexico, we have a stereotype about black people: We always think that if some visitor is black, then must be american. That is wrong, because, he or she could be african, british, french, canadian, dutch, jamaican, cuban… I know it is wrong and try to make others aware about this.

  5. Hey
    Why do you insist upon:
    “However, the main theme of the site is about unity, having faith, and learning to build bridges between peoples of different race, religion and backgounds.”
    I think this is BS — sometimes people need to be hit across the face with a 2X4.
    I have been working with aliens for 23 years to uncover and document a hidden language in the English language — I’m a technical person like you — and that’s impossible, but true.
    Ra C ism = “msiar”.
    si-66-66 = 1.
    msiar = “maar”.
    ma-66-66 …. = “fe”.
    Racism = “Fear”.

    1. Tha Benja Says:

      Is it ok if I dont want to hang out with this guy?

  6. Glenn Deegan Says:

    You’re a nut here too.

  7. Alisha C Says:

    Firstly, What does physics have to do with African American History unless you’re talking about ways that the Henrietta Marie (slave ship) could have avoided sinking to ther bottom of the Atlantic Ocean in route to sell out Ancestors?
    Secondly, did you say-“In light of the slave-treatment that I have recieved”…? What the hell are you tsalking about, unless you have been ripped first from the womb and then from the side of your mother, sold into cruel service, been forced to work in someones feild from sun up to sun down with little food and nurishment, or been forced to been the concubine of the white bastard who rapes your little sister, chops your brother into tiny, tiny pieces, buries your father alive and then whips your mother… your mother who breatfed him. Unless you have no freedom of speech and your identity has been stolen from you- beat out of you- u my friend/child has NOT been treated like a slave.
    And If you are a Coppin State Eagle- stay tuned on campus we will soon show you why it is important that you protect your spirit from being broken by people of other races- i believe in one love too, but people eho pack others in a boat like cargo, seeing hundreds of men, women and children living for 7 months on a boat in their own wastes, sick , dying, crying, who beat and rape and sodomize and sometimes even castrate both the men women. who breed people like animals and feed them slop li ke a pig-
    My point STAR is that people and the families of people that can treat another living thing- none the less another human being so inhumanely is itself inhumane- do you understand?
    I am proud that you can love o ther people but let me ask- WHO ARE YOU?

  8. AC Says:

    ps stop bitchin start a revolution

  9. Who cares Says:

    Of all creatures created in the universe only animals and non-living things don’t have the inteligence to recognize their creator.
    The Bible is the WORD of God. and HE gives us the freedom to decide what we want to be. Including to decide to behave like animals.
    Jesus came and he was not recognize as the Son of God. Two thousand years later we still have people with the same mentality. We Catholic keep praying for all people that dont need God in your lives.

  10. Jack Norris Says:

    believe in one love too, but people eho pack others in a boat like cargo, seeing hundreds of men, women and children living for 7 months on a boat in their own wastes, sick , dying, crying, who beat and rape and sodomize and sometimes even castrate both the men women.

    I have never raped anybody. Should I become a rapist, since you seem to be implying that “white people” have done those things and not “some white people”?

    Clearly there’s no incentive for me NOT to be racist.

    Please try to give us whites more incentive not to be racist if you ever want us as a society to get ANYWHERE. Please attack individual white racists more often.

    Instead all I hear the “angry black man” crowd ever say about the Ku Klux Klan is “atleast they’re honest”. They seem to save their venom STRICTLY for the white people who AREN’T racist.

    It seems like the Farrakhan types actually WANT white people to be as racist as possible.

    Please stop calling me a rapist. Not nice, not nice.


    Stop right there. Noone in my family ever owned a slave so please, STFU.

  11. My name is Phil Schaafsma and I have a company called Eyekons that deals with art that explores religion, spirituality and social justice. I am looking for the artist that created the painting you used in your October 24, 2006 blog post, “A Dream Deferred.” It depicts a man bent over in despair. I’ve been searching for the name of this artist and was linked to your website by a Pentecostal preacher from Colorado. Funny how things work. Do you know the name of the artist who created the painting or where you may have found the image? Any help would be gratefully appreciated. I would also like to refer you to and search for Steve Prince. I think you’d find his work very inspiring. I enjoyed encountering your blog and am always grateful to find such unique voices and inspiring perspectives on the internet. Thanks for any help you can give me in my search for the artist.

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